IFP - International Fellowship Program

International Fellowship Program (IFP) has selected 50 fellow elects from Indonesia for the last cohort IX 2010. Ford Foundation will provide the grant to them until 2013 to complete up to two years formal post graduate.

There were more than 9.000 applicants submitting the preliminary application in the year of 2009. After one year selection - full application, English proficiency test, and interview - the result is 50 people whom are chosen on the basis of their leadership and commitment to community or national service as well as for academic excellence.

The fellow elects will undertake language study, training in research, and computer skill prior to graduate school enrollment. Those programs are usually named as PAT (pre academic training) during October 2010 - April 2011, and they will start new academic year in September 2011.

Those fellow elects will be fellows with full funded when they have received LOA (letter of acceptance) from the university associated with. Finally, all must take part in Pre-Departure Orientation as the closing program before they start new academic term.

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  1. Penerima beasiswa ICCR India 2010, EFLU Hyderabad
  2. Penerima beasiswa Ford Foundation 2011, Manchester University, Educational Technology & TESOL


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